Return postage instructions

Rhinoceros cloud should bear the corresponding freight charges due to the seller’s fault.

The seller does not have a fault on the return, the postage reference at the time of return is as follows:

The shipping problem regarding the "return commitment", that is, the return behavior initiated by the buyer for personal reasons:

1) Merchant shipping goods, shipping costs need to bear the rhinoceros cloud, the return postage commitment is subject to the return commitment set;

2) The principle of non-shipment goods, shipping costs and return shipping costs, subject to the return commitment set.


About the non-seven-day return/non-return commitment shipping issue, that is, the buyer’s personal reason for the return behavior:

Rhinoceros cloud agrees that the buyer has no reason to return the request, the 包邮/non-mail is the buyer to bear the return shipping, but if the buyer has objection to the shipping price, the rhinoceros cloud needs to cooperate with the relevant shipping certificate (such as with the price) Certificate of delivery, etc.

7 days return guarantee
15 day exchange pledge
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