Refund Rule

- If the item you purchased does not use a cash voucher/red envelope, the full refund will be given when the item is refunded;

- If you purchase a single item with a cash voucher/red envelope, the cash voucher will not be refunded when the item is returned, and only the actual payment amount will be refunded;

- If you have multiple items in your order with a cash voucher/red envelope, the cash voucher deduction amount will be allocated to each item based on the price of the item. If a partial return is made to the goods in the order, the refunded amount is the returned commodity price minus the corresponding cash coupon deduction amount.

Cash voucher refund calculation rules

If the total merchandise amount of your order (the price of each item is added to the subtotal, the shipping cost is not calculated) is X yuan, and the amount of the cash coupon discount is Y yuan.

The discount ratio is Y/X = d

The amount that should be returned for each item is its unit price P * (1-d)

In short, the amount you use for the cash coupons allocated to each item will not be refunded.

for example

If you purchase the product A with a price of 100 yuan and the product B with a price of 50 yuan, you will use a 50 yuan cash coupon and the actual payment is 100 yuan.

When you need to return A separately, the refund amount is

100* (1-50/150)=100*0.67=67 yuan

When you need to return B separately, the refund amount is

50* (1-50/150)=50*0.67= 33 yuan

Note: The above rules do not apply to all types of promotions. The promotion return policy is subject to the specific instructions on the event page.

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